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Booking and Refund Policy

1. To guarantee a hunting reservation, 3S Outfitters requires a $500 deposit within 15 days of confirmation of availability, and a completed guest information sheet. The deposit can be made by cash, personal check, certified check or money order.

  • A. The deposit is refundable if you do not draw a license. License fees are refunded by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  3S Outfitters will check draw results and notify clients of draw results within 2 weeks of draw by phone and/or email. *Deposits will be refunded in 30 days by personal check mailed back to you for unsuccessful draw results.
  • B. 3S Outfitters can also keep your deposit for the following year should you wish to try to draw a license for the following season. *Please notify 3S Outfitters when we contact you of your draw results if you want us to keep your deposit for the following season.  Failure to notify 3S Outfitters of your intentions for following season will not guarantee your hunt for the next year, and will lead to return of your deposit.

2. 3S Outfitters requires payment in full, 6 weeks prior to start of hunt. *Refunds of full payment will only be returned by 3S Outfitters to the Client for the following conditions:

  • A. In case of incapacitating illness or injury of the licensee supported by a physician’s sworn statement on letterhead of physician.
  • B. In case of death of the licensee, any person who has authority to represent the deceased as provided by a court order shall submit a written request for a deposit/fee refund supported by a copy of the respective death certificate and court appointed order.
  • C. In the case of death in the family, the licensee shall submit a written request for a deposit/final payment refund supported by proof of death.

Under no circumstances shall the Wyoming Game and Fish Department approve a refund of any license, permit, stamp or tag if the written request for refund is received after December 31st of the calendar year in which the license, permit, stamp or tag was issued.  Refunds shall be denied in any circumstance where the licensee hunted on the license for the designated species as specified in Commission Rules and Regulations, including special archery seasons, during the year for the license is issued.

For additional information on the above go to the Wyoming Game and Fish website at Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Chapter 44 Regulation for Issuance of Licenses, Permits, Stamps, Tags, Preference Points, and Coupon’s.

**The Client cannot request a refund for outfitting services from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.**

The Client has read and understands 3S Outfitters refund and booking policy

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