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Wyoming Hunting Outfitters

We provide transportation to and from camp to the town of Jackson or the Jackson Hole Airport.  If you are driving out, we can make arrangements to leave your vehicle in the town of Jackson, or at Flat Creek Ranch.  Please arrive in Jackson 1 night prior to your hunt so we can start at a reasonable time to make it to camp.  We do not provide accommodations in the town of Jackson or surrounding area, but are happy to help make arrangements for you.  We also suggest that you plan on flying out the following day you leave camp.  We cannot get you to the airport before 2pm on your departure date, so please plan accordingly.

We will pick you up the first day of your scheduled hunt.  We will make sure your paperwork is complete and drive you to our corrals at Flat Creek Ranch.  On the way we will have the opportunity to shoot your rifle or bow.

We begin our days hunting early with a hearty breakfast.  We are usually on the trail before daylight.  We will not return to camp for lunch but we will be sure to find a nice view so you can enjoy a sack lunch.  We will return to the camp for a home cooked dinner.  Weather or the harvest of an animal may play a role in the length of a daily hunt.  All of our hunting is spot and stalk.  Our area is vast, and we have several good areas for glassing.  We at times do sit and wait at the edges of meadows or watering holes.  Because of the long hunting days, please look at the attached gear list and pack accordingly.

With the harvest of your animal, our priority is to immediately recover it and get it back to camp.  We will then transport your meat to one of the processing facilities in Jackson.  Processing and shipping your game meat is not included in the cost of your trip with 3S Outfitters.

Packing List

Below are two sample packing lists, please call or email if you have any questions.

Archery Elk Hunting Packing List:
I am full of optimism that our hunts together will be successful!  To ensure your greatest chance of harvesting an Elk this year, please make sure to take some time over the next few weeks and SHOOT YOUR BOW!!!  You should also take some time to get out and hike, and stretch.  This country isn't getting any flatter, and none of us are getting any younger...please try to be prepared so that you enjoy yourself! Elk hunting is fun!

I wanted to let you know what the camp is equipped with, and a pack list of some things you should bring.

The camp has:
Cook Tent- Tables, Chairs, Lanterns, Wood Burning Stove, Two Gas Heaters, Drying Rack, First Aid Kits, Satellite Phone, Cribbage Board, Playing Cards

Hunter Tents- Two Deluxe Cots with Foam Pads, Two 20 degree Slumber Jack Country Squire Sleeping Bags with clean fleece liners, Table, LED Lantern, Gas Heater

(You do not need to bring a sleeping bag, we have clean liners for your use with our bags.)

2- Solar Showers

If you think camp sounds comfortable, you're right!  But it's just there for after you bag your Elk - We're here to hunt!  Right?

Your hunts will be 6 nights, 7 days total (__th-__th of September).  Please arrive Jackson on the __th, we will drive you to Flat Creek Ranch on the __th, load our pack animals and leave from there.

Thank You for Choosing 3S Outfitters

For more information, please feel free to call Trey or Shelby at 307-730-8954 or email us at [email protected]

What To Bring for an Archery Hunt:

4-6 Pairs Socks (wool/synthetic blend)
Underwear....I won't judge..
2-Long underwear bottoms (wool or synthetic only!)
2-Long underwear Tops (wool or synthetic only!)
3-4-undershirts (Synthetic if you have it)
Camp Clothes (something comfortable to wear around camp, jeans, long sleeve shirt)
1-Puffy Loft Layer (Down or Primaloft)
1-Coat, should be resistant, made of synthetic (camo please)
Camo Hat
Stocking Cap
2-Pairs hunting pants (one pair synthetic)
Rain Gear (Top and Bottoms!)

**Remember, if it's cold and wet, Cotton Kills. It takes a long time to dry, and retains no body heat.**

Hunting Boots- Let's talk boots really quickly. You're going to be hiking, and riding. It might get cold, but it won't be dead of winter cold. My preference is a lightweight, WATERPROOF!!, boot with a little to no insulation. 1 pound on your feet will feel like 10 on your back. Whatever you choose, make sure you've worn them before you get to camp.

Camp Shoes- These should be lightweight hikers that if needed could be worn in a pinch for a day of hunting if your boots are soaking wet.

Personal Gear-
Binoculars, Range Finder, Hunting Knife, Headlamp, Small, Day Pack, Cell Phone, Glasses, Sun Glasses, Prescription Medication, Ear Plugs, Tooth brush, deodorant, etc...

Please try to get all your gear in a Gym Duffel.

Bow- Please know your pins out to 40 yards, it's unlikely to take a shot over that, but a 50 yrd. pin isn't a bad idea. Draw weight of 50-70lbs. Please make sure you can draw the bow without straining to get it done. If it's too heavy, back it off and shoot it back in. Lots of people kill elk with a 50lb draw weight.

Arrows between 450 and 500 grains (https://blog.westernhunter.net/the-perfect-elk-hunting-arrow-by-randy-ulmer/)

Broadheads Something that matches the arrows, and is razor sharp. No mechanical broadheads! When fully expanded your broadhead cannot pass through a 7/8” ring.

I think that should just about do it! Add to it if you think you need it. Pass it around.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!! Call or write with any questions.
Trey Scharp, General Manager/Partner
Flat Creek Ranch
Owner 3S Outfitters
Jackson, WY

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