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Wyoming Guided Elk Hunts

3S Outfitters main hunting camp is located in area 80, while we also hunt area 82 and 84.  These areas require an Elk Special Management Permit as well as a Conservation Stamp.  This is a large area, much of it within the Gros Ventre Wilderness area where non-residents are required to have a hunting guide.  These areas have healthy numbers of elk, and we try to harvest bulls that have 5 points minimum.  The season begins with archery only hunt which opens September 1st.  Archery hunters are required to purchase a special archery license.  The first week of archery hunting can be productive, however, the bulls really start to get vocal during the second through the third week of September.  Our first rifle hunts of the year are also during peak times of the Elk rut.

Elk Archery

September 1st -7th: $4800 pp
September 10th-16th: $5500 pp
September 18th-24th: $5500 pp
(1:1 guide to hunter, maximum 2 hunters in camp)

The Elk rifle season begins the 26th of September and is an excellent time to hunt rutting bull elk with a rifle.  Our first hunt has a maximum of six hunters, after the first week we drop to a 4 hunter maximum for the rest of the season.  Rutting bulls can be found well into the second week of October, and migratory animals move into our area after the first snows in October which provides great late season action.

Late season Elk hunts are available from Flat Creek Ranch, hunting in the Bridger Teton National Forest, and Gros Ventre Wilderness areas just minutes from the ranch.  We will utilize the comfort of the ranch cabins and facilities, and hunt the surrounding public lands.

This is a migration based hunt and last minute reservations are accepted.

Elk Hunts (rifle)

September 25th-October 2nd: $4800 pp
October 4th-10th: $4800 pp
October 12-18th: $4800 pp
October 20th-26th: $4800 pp
October 27th-31st:$3500 pp (Shortened hunt based from Flat Creek Ranch)
(1:2 guide to hunter, 1st week 6 hunters max, 4 max through season)

If the weather is too nice, the elk won’t move.  Trey and Shelby Scharp have managed Flat Creek Ranch for nearly two decades, and are partners in the Flat Creek Ranch LLC business.  Needless to say, Trey knows where and when the elk are moving, improving your chance of harvesting a late season bull or cow.  If your travel plans are flexible, we are willing to call you last minute when we think the weather is turning, and your opportunity is knocking.  Your chance of harvesting a bull ends October 31 on a General Elk tag and Area 80 type 6 tags for Cow Elk ONLY hunts closes November 12.  Both require an Elk Special Management Permit and Conservation Stamp.

Elk / Deer Combo

September 25th-October 5th: $5300 pp
Online licenses , Elk Hunting Seasons

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!! Call or write with any questions.
Trey Scharp, General Manager/Partner
Flat Creek Ranch
Owner 3S Outfitters
Jackson, WY

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